2 Speed Pumps

8640-2 Speed Energy Saving Pump BLUE TORRENT® 2 SPEED PUMPS WITH ECPU

BLUE TORRENTS® 2 Speed Pumps have moved ahead of every other manufacturer in the development of a truly affordable 2 speed pump that outworks, out preforms, and out saves every other 2 speed pump on the market.

BLUE TORRENTS® patented ECPU automatically controls the speed of the pump, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

The BLUE TORRENT® 2 speed is the only pump on the market with a built in controller to regulate the pumps speed. There is no need to buy an expensive aftermarket controller to hook up to your pump.

logo2The BLUE TORRENT® 2 speed features and incredible quiet motor- cooler operation gives you a longer pump life and increased efficiency.

The pump is factory pre-programmed for consumer friendly installation.