Energy Savings

Money In Pool

The secret of saving $$$$ is SPEED

By reducing the speed of the pump (RPM) you can dramatically reduce the electricity required to maintain your pool. Single speed pumps run at one unchangeable high speed

Since the speed cannot be changed they are a one size fits all and almost always run at a speed much higher than the task demands. This wastes a tremendous amount of energy

Single speed pumps run at such high speeds that they actually decrease filter system efficiency and fail to clean up to their potential

BLUE TORRENT® changes that with the most innovative pumps around

The VAR series pump can be run at the factory pre-programmed speeds or reset to the speeds needed to run pool equipment such as heaters, cleaners , salt systems and even waterfalls

The control pads allow for easy setting of the optimal speed for each application

The BLUE TORRENT® 2 Speed with its patented ECPU technology will automatically control the pumps speed so you don’t have too

As for filtering, slower is better. The slower the water passes through your system the more debris is removed. Since the cost to operate your pump at the slower speeds in minimal, you can run it longer and greatly reduce the occurrence of algae

BLUE TORRENT® Variable speed pumps give you a cleaner pool at a fraction of your current operating cost