Variable Speed Pumps

BLue Torrent Variable Speed Pump80% Savings! BLUE TORRENT® Variable speed pumps consistently deliver superior electric savings in all phases of operation

BLUE TORRENT® VAR 150/100/75

Variable Speed Pumps have moved ahead of every other manufacturer in the marketing and development of a truly affordable variable speed pump that outworks, out performs and out saves other variable speed pumps on the market.


  • BLUE TORRENT® equips our variable speed motors with high performance permanent magnets , the same type used in hybrid cars.
  • The permanent magnets dramatically increase the pumps efficiency.
  • Incredibly quiet motors – cooler operation gives you a longer pump life and increased efficiency.
  • Completely enclosed motor design keeps the motor clean and dry under all conditions further increasing the motor life.
  • Touch pad controls makes programming simple and easy.
  • BLUE TORRENT® exclusive self diagnostics ensure the highest performance levels at all times.
  • Factory pre-programmed for consumer friendly installation .
  • Common sense pump design to accommodate all types of equipment both new and after market.